the twist

To my ex [my fist love]:

You are a perfect image of an insensitive beast without any feeling of remorse. You thought what you did to me were all just plain and simple. I appreciate you trying to communicate to me but please STOP telling me you still love me. You are not man enough. I never have any single regret in my decision of giving up our unworthy relationship. BACK-OFF.

To the unknown soul [my next true love]:

I am dreaming of you. Your love is giving me undying hope that someday, between the heavens and earth, in His most perfect timing, my heart would not be afraid to beat again, and when that time comes, I will cease to question the truth in the word commitment anymore.

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good health, more blessings, good grades, better finds and more gorgeous moments to all!

These are my personal goals:

-to build a study habit and be more patient with my law books
-to be more organized (and stay that way)
-to create more art (in everyday living)
-to take care of some issues that are in dire need of attention
-to walk more (improve my miracle walk)
-to set old hurts free
-to take time to listen to songs
-to befriend a street child
-to get rid of negativism
-to drink more coffee and sunsets
-to write more worthy post
-to LOVE more


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night before the new year’s day

Hey, am in front of my work computer again. I’ve been here early to avoid accident becuase for sure later this night there’ll be a lot of fireworks display on the streets. I am a bit paranoid you know. So here I am, after the very delicious black sambo desert at the hotel just beside my workplace, now working on my unfinished cases yesterday and trying to mark them as resolved.

I spent my day sleeping. Its been sort of a lonely holiday, so far. Though I felt so psychotic and melancholic yesterday now I don’t mind so much. So what if I’ve got nowhere to go? I’ve got enough amount to buy foods and drinks I want, even a good companion. I have managed to invite my old friends earlier to have a simple dinner at the cheap hotel. So now money works with me. It is impressing me a little.

My suitor invited me to their house tomorrow. I was with him last Christmas day so thinking it might overkill the companionship I did not said my yes yet. I don’t believe in commitment but I like companionship. I like dinnertime conversation. I like crazy stories, corny jokes, green jokes, lousy jokes, and all their kinds and good hysterical laughs. My detective classmate might drop by in my dorm tomorrow and she told me she will bring salad and chocolate cakes. I am starting to love this holidays. I am alone, yes, but deeper I realize there are a lot of them who really show they care, and at least loves my company as well.

I am here. Writing again. I know this is the only December 31, 2008 ever. Some of my team-mates are starting to arrive. I feel their excitement seeing them wear their best attires. They have prepared well for this day. I am not wearing any special attire, or any make up at all [I don’t wear make-up] and all of that vanity but I chose to cheerish this very moment. I am in my usual jeans and tee-shirt and I like the print on it. “Risk everything, Fear nothing, Live with no regrets.” Tomorrow is another year. And I wish myself more crazy and gorgeous moments next year. I don’t have any new year’s resolution. I don’t believe in that anyways. But I just hope I will give more time and focus on my studies. Oh yes, I am not forgetting the Bill of Rights I need to memorize until the 05th. I will be faithful to my self-made rules. This is for myself, and for the people I love. Har.Har.

Okay, i will make this quick. Women, don’t drink too much tomorrow. Men, manage to be faithful and kiss your wives and daughters and sons. Children, tell your parents you love them.

And I, me, myself, I will drink a lot, I will be faithful, I will kiss everyone I love and tell them I love them.

Let us practice what we preach. Prosperous New Year to all!

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