the pursuit of happiness 11-29-08

This four words cheered me up.

He asked me what I want. This is my response.

It is to be happy. Perhaps everybody would agree on me. It is not being hysterically happy every second of the day but at least knowing what you want in life, recognizing what keeps you satisfied, and becoming attached to it or staying in that place.

Then he asked me if I am happy. This is myresponse.

As of the moment, yes. I know I own the most fickle of all minds but my answer is YES. I don’t sleep at night so I can earn a living. I have to be awake after four to six hours of sleep everyday so I can attend my classes in the afternoon. I worry about my tuition. I worry constantly about money. I worry about my exams. But you see, I am happy. I care passionately about my job. I work hard to pay my tuition. And with all humility and patience I have learned to study my lessons well to pass my exams. It is all about hardwork; and I derive satisfaction from it.

If I can’t have what I want, I’ll do without. I have lived through emotional deserts, in survival mode, seldom did other people had or have the power to persuade me to open up. Only this blog knows. I’m tolerant: everyone has his own flaws. So do I. But I don’t compromise. I’m not ambitious, or interested in fame and fortune. All I just wanted is that everything and everyone that comes close to me will be pleasurable. And even in pain I find pleasure. Thats how ironic my perception could be. But it is true. Passion rules me. And is my pursuit of happiness.

It is all about PASSION. By the way, I am talking not from the theory, but by experience..
What makes you happy? Ask yourself.

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