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I’ve got nothing to say. am quite busy for now coz its our midterms. so at the moment i am posting a nonesense picture. [laughs]
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choosing uncertainty

My stomach is full but my head is still half-empty. Got 1 hour lunchbreak but i only consumed half of it so I can write. I still have 30 minutes before logging back in.

I have intoxicated myself with too much caffeine. Yet, I still feel cold. Stress fills the air like fog. Everybody is tired. It is my team’s last shift tonight. I’ll be off for five days. Had filed vacation leave. I was planning to study for the midterms.

I am thinking about my own contradictions and inconsistencies. These had been a question forever. Perhaps I am the woman version of Machiavelli. I have to put it that way. Not a sort of justification but I was reminded how this philosopher was described on history books. The man full of contradictions and inconsistencies. But I do not mind. It has always been a different way of life. I did not intend to write to elaborate my inconsistencies. I’ve always lived a silent life alone in my idiosyncratic way.

The ambiance remains cold and vague. I feel uncertain but this like is the best days of my life. It is when you recall what you have done in the past and what you have become. Even the ancient and most famous books will not be able to teach you how to assess your own self. It would always be a God-given gift. It would always be about your own personal perspective.

There is no a priori learnings. But there is always a priori knowledge. Plato is right. I may not perfectly distinguish these two phrases but I know they are two different animals. I have not come so far as I think about philosophy. Machiavelli may have as much to say about politics than me but we share the same struggle. This idea is tainted by illusion. My apologies.

I remain positive despite all that. I am imagining new ways to learn and apply theories in my life. There is a never ending search of answers to life’s questions. I haver learned that it is difficult to draw the line between the sane and the insane philosophies. You must discover your own to know. And you must create your own philosophy to live. It makes me happy to think so.

My mind wanders with the words I write. I realized that I have always been a confused stupid person. But as the saying goes, “Life loves those who dares to live it.” This is irrefutable.

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I am not alright. This has nothing to do with anything, and has nothing to do with you either. This is something about me and my laziness and stubborness. Midterms is coming. And I did nothing yet. And I am not doing anything either.

I am stressed out like hell. I hate law school.

I need music, galoons of coffee and a pack of cigarette. Please.

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