Do you know how it feels?

I don’t care if this is my third post today. Just had my civil law class and my crush professor recognized and mentioned my name twice. That is enough to make my day. There are only three words I know and I would gladly emphasize..


Maybe next thing I would try to learn and master is how not to blush in those sweet scenarious I just have encountered. Harhar.


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Law school brain part 2

My phone clock reads 08:30 am. I still could not sleep so I decided to write again. Sometimes I hesitate to write twice or thrice a day with the stupid idea that I might appear a blog addict. Hey, I AM NOT. [harhar]. I just can’t impose discipline with my prattling mind so I have to pamper it until it becomes fat dumb and happy. I cannot just sleep and let the thoughts fade away and wake up with feelings of guilt against my own ego. But look what happens when you actually allow yourself to write, you become a better person. You become aware about your own persona and you are able to diffuse negativity and anxiety. That is something worth typing and consuming a maximum of half an hour of your day.

As I logged off from work I saw Makee taking his lunch. I have to be honest, I MISS MAKEE. I did not realize that until I saw him after three days. I need to be specific, it does not mean I wanted him back, of course that’s not what I was trying to imply. Perhaps I just miss his presence and him coming to my station and doing some funny and sweet stuff for me. Well, enough of him. There is more to life than having a romantic boyfriend. [this is one sign of sourgraping I admit harhar].

Seriously, I am currently drawn to my studies. Since last night when I saw the prospectus for Juris Doctor [J.D.], I feel so blessed to be where I am right now. To others, law school is a dream. This may not be my most elusive dream but I am believing that I am close to dreaming. I don’t even know how I got here and why I am here. If we rank the law schools in the country based on criteria of the most numbers of bar topnotchers: UNO-R belongs to the top ten law schools nationwide. So yeah, that’s kind of cool. I feel confident that I’m getting a good legal education. There are other famous and prominent law schools in Manila but still, when all is said and done we’re all learning the same things. The articles we patiently read and learn everyday are the same as theirs. All are basically the same; go to school, pass the bar, and then we’ll all be on the same playing field; courtroom and lawyering. The name of your school may open more doors for you at the beginning, but that is certainly no guarantee you’ll be a better lawyer.

I can still taste the siopao and pancit canton I ate for breakfast. I think I need to brush my teeth now. [harhar].

To those who are working full-time while trying to make it through law school, I salute you all! That does not exclude myself. ^o^

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Law school brain vs. call center agent

“You are too smart to be a call center agent!”

“You shoul be a lawyer!”

Why do people think this is a compliment? Since we are call center agents, we are dumb? Would you want a dumb customer service representative? Bragging aside, but sometimes I get pissed off when I hear such comments. Don’t they perfectly understand that call center agents are more used to information overload than law students are?

Earlier, a couple of friends and I were talking about me on a call center industry. That naturally led to a debate on who gets the higher pay, who is more on trend, but never ever argued on who is the smarter. Lawyer or call center agent?

There is one thing I am pointing out: Call center industry is NOT a no brainer job.

I am a good call center agent. Don’t ask me about being a law student. Dammit.

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