The Note.

You wake up one day and found out there’s a novel beside your pillow. You are about to ignore it but your mind reminds you that before you sleep you did not read any book at all. Then with some eagerness you tried to examine it, and you noticed the small piece of paper attached in between the cover and the first page. It looks like a note. Yes, it was a note and it reads;

“I would rather have one breath of your hair, one kiss of your mouth, one touch of your hand, than eternity without it.”

You melted, it was Seth of the City of Angels. Then you had to shake your head to know if you are just dreaming. If not him who would it be? Who would be the romantic creature to ever put a romantic note in your bed? Would it be Santa Claus? Nah, Santa gives gifts and not sweet notes, unless Santa has evolved to a romantic guy next door, but Christmas is not that close, so it must not be him. You then hoped it was Edward Cullen, yet it cannot be. Vampires cannot be copycats of Angels.

Reality hit.

The initial below the note speaks so loud. It echoes through your bones. It scared your soul you wanted to vommit from head to toes. The negative thought that once entered your mind came to play again. You wanted to give respect, not to buy the idea,and skip the possibility. You might just as well one paranoid. Yet, your gut feelings was so strong you can’t just ignore them. It cannot be.It should not be. You then pervently prayed it was not real and your intution was wrong.

If it was from a man who was trying to be romantic then you could have been the happiest. But it wasn’t from any romantic.It was from…

How would you feel? How do you handle?

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Done with TranspoLaw.

“You’re a kitten studying to be a cat”
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Law Student and the Note

Part 1
My Own Stupidity

It all starts out one rainy day in May. It is when all are getting so excited for June. Perhaps not because of going to the classroom and learning some theories and meeting the ugly professor but well, just for the sake of it. Then you wake up late and realize nothing seems to go right for your own. You eat, spend the afternoon sleeping, try to drag yourself up from bed and maybe do something productive. You thought you have not learned enough and you suddenly jump in a decision to pursue studies. You are not so articulate, not so smart, not at all studious, very absenous and extremely lazy, yet you have all the guts in the world, then you thought law school would best fit you. And with the aid of Divine Intervention you passed the brainstorming entrance exam and with some miracle you are officially enrolled. Then you became the classic but not so new image of twenty-something putting yourself through life and law school.

School starts to come full circle. You now exist to balance a precarious world of full-time work, law school, and attending bodily functions such as sleep and eating. Some days you do well, some days not so well. Gradually, you adjust and became familiar to the haze of it all.

Unexpectedly, you did not time it the way it was supposed to go. Nothing seems to go right. The rain hasn’t stopped bothering you. The work became more intense, complex, and you feel inadequate. Of course, no one notices the tears that flow when you are tired or frustrated nor see your intolerance for being interrupted during study time. Maybe you didn’t want them to see that and settled to yourself its a fact of your adjustment to a major life change and dedication to doing something so monumental for yorself. Yet, you still pinch yourself when you realize in a split second later you think you are insane for it. You reach the destined time without meaning to, you tred to be cheerful, you tried to sound nice, and other people seemed just so pre-occupied to notice.

You come to your dormitory and there are no lights. You tried to feel your way around the room. Tried to avoid thinking about quitting since you are not a quitter. Tried to be intact to finish what you started. Until you realize you are not in the wrong direction at all, your life not meaningless at all.

Part 2
Note to the Sophomores

I do not mean to generalize and I do not mean to be mean but can you stop acting stupid please?

Is law school four years of hell to become devils?
Law students are not supposed to be greedy. Yet, most of you are.
Also, can you show a little kindness to the newbies? That, too.
I have not said that we are perfect and blameless, nor that it should not be held to account that we are being disappropriate. However, your attitudes seemed to be so absurd about your devilish and selfish goals that you forget to realize that you all are in the wrong shitty track. There is no competition in law school. You should know that. Unless you really are stupid enough not to know. In a very big possibility you are, please try to masturbate your brains and reconsider.