Taking Time to Notice

I come back from lunch and I realized I did not post anything yesterday. My apology. It was just that I did not have anything to tell or in short, I was lazy.

Walking out the gate from my dormitory building, I realized that I’ve been in this building for more than a year now. I’ve been here for so long yet I seldom care to notice things in my everyday life.

In the mornings before I sleep, after my very tiring work, I don’t have time to sit and drink coffee and gaze at my surroundings. What matters to me is surviving the day. Sleep. Wake up. Attend School. And Work. Sleep again. Same old routine everyday.  I gaze blankly. I don’t take time to notice the details and their beauty.

One thing I realized today: I am afraid to throw out the details of my life. I’m afraid I will be getting rid of the pieces of my soul. I will savor every moment of being able to live this life of mine.

And one thing – I will never ever dare to close this blog anymore.

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Cool Rainy Night

I am not pinned down to a perspective. I am care free. I let loose.

I love the rain. I love the coldness. I love the music in my ears. I love this night to bits.

I want to be in my bed. To cuddle up under the covers with the sound of the rain pouring outside.

I missed this part for almost three months. I am glad I am into it tonight.

I am back to who I am. Free and happy and in love.

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I’m always in delayed reaction. Before I went to work I silently cried inside my room. It was one hell of mental torture and emotional struggle.

I know nobody would really feel exactly what I feel. I don’t even know who symphatized and who did not.

I am not over reacting. I never slept with anyone. I did not even allowed my ex- boyfriends to touch me or take advantage on me.To a person who respects herself and respects chastity what happened was enough to create tears in my eyes.

To be home. That is where exactly I want to be right now. I am dearly loved. That I know. I have A family who loves me unconditionally.

To be exposed to such immoral conduct is unfair. I have decided not to speak about it anymore but I can’t help myself become melodramatic.

I am reminded why I am here. To seek for greener pasture. To find my place in this world. To be happy.

I might do hybernation. I want to unburden myself. I am tempted to close this blog. I entered law school to study, not to experience CRAP.

Maybe. Just maybe, time heals.

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