Insanity and Mystery

I have a very odd emotion as I woke up. I wish I had something and I got somewhere to divert my attention and to change this state of affair my heart is involved with. If you do not hear from me for a while, that is where I will be.

Did you ever had a time in your life when you felt you never had the chance to a person? Time when all you wanted is a day of his lifetime but fate seemed so unfair?

There’s this man, a man totally forbidden to me, whom I absolutely adore. He introduced his self, listened, and took my heart for a day. Yet, I now believe he do not feel the same away about me. How I thought of him by the seas somewhere in the country and writing postcard to me. Now he seemed as if he already forgotten that day, he seemed he did not know me. What pains me is knowing that he is so happy going on with his life without me. I know this could be the height of my egotism, but I want to speak to him today. Even just for a day.

So, here I am, thinking about an illusion while waiting for the bar exams result. Given enough time, I will just forget about anything. Years later, if I want not to write about it, things will be hard to be recalled. I wonder why though some quick moments in life could take our memory for so long. Odd. Life seemed so odd.

I think I can stand to wait for a little longer, find sanity in the music I hear, create odd thoughts to his postcard, and dream of being in love.

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