And So It Begins

Finally, the getting over part is now embracing me. Last night, I had the best and most carefree sleep so far since I already slept in my new airconditioned room. I feel relieved and somehow free from repression and suppression.

For all of the moaning and feeling sorry for myself that circumstances have managed to produce over the last three months, and after being able to speak about it, it really doesn’t take much to be reminded that maybe things aren’t so bad. That trials happen to make me bigger inside. I feel I am stronger. I feel that I can trust myself more than anybody else in the world.

Sorry for the previous vague posts, I’ve had rough times and for personal reasons I can’t really elaborate on anything more than I’ve put here. Only my close friends were able to understand the real score on what really was happening to me.

I wanna thank my circle of friends who were in silence but I know were there. Thanks for being neutral and being professional. You all deserve my respect and adoration.

Law school has ruined me. I am no longer a normal innocent human being, but have been morphed into a nerd and been drugged to realities of this world. Yet I am thrilled to know that I was given the chance to know the reality this early. I am sure I am just being prepared by God to face a bigger trial and to be able to surpass it with all  His grace and guidance over me.

Despite all, I am still grateful. And so, a better life begins.

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