Why I quit PLURK?

I was doing my morning routine of checking current events online when I stumbled on this article – Why I Quit Plurk.  An Inquirer columnist wrote about his addiction and why he had to quit PLURK.

What is PLURK?

Plurk is a free social networking and micro-blogging  service that allows users to send updates known as plurks through short messages or links, which can be up to 140 text characters in length. It was launched on May 2008 and actually similar with Twitter. All micro-blogging sites offer more or less the same. You can create an account, add some friends, and then message back and forth (privately and publicly) and share stuff with each other. The only difference is PLURK has this Karma points that you need to work on to increase and avail emoticon characters. PLURK is the acronym of peace, love, unity, respect, and karma.

If PLURK has its acronym, REDLAN has his own acronym too. Redlan is not only a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) by profession but also a CPA in another dimension – CERTIFIED PLURK ADDICT. 🙂

I met Redlan through Plurk and from then on we  started messaging to each other back and forth. He has this very interesting blog which I am a regular visitor.

Talking about addiction, I admit I am guilty. I even enjoy plurking than reading my law books. There was even a time that I had to give up writing on this blog for days because I was so in love with the emoticons and was so excited to increase my karma points.

Unlike the Inquirer columnist, I am not ready to quit. Yet. Probably.

I joined Plurk last Feb 2009 and as of now I have 110 friends, 14 fans, 585 plurks, 2164 plurk responses, 803 profile views and 68.83 karma points. And again, I am not ready to give it up yet. At all.

There are bloggers in my list that are also plurkers: Dong (he actually introduced me to Redlan), Lantaw, Lagalog, Roadworthyman, and Momblogger. I wonder when will Dennis gonna join us?

Its so funny that my happiness is so cheap. If I don’t see myself sleeping or eating or reading, I might just as well find myself in front of the computer plurking and blogging. I am self-confessed mababaw. 😉

See you all plurking guys!

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Road I Often Travel

I think I belong here.MelancholyTownVLwatermark


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Bored and Annoyed or Annoyed and Bored – Whatever!

My first boyfriend kept on calling and texting me and asking me some silly things about us. I am a little pissed off last night and I had to turn my cellphone off. After many months of breaking up with him I thought he had a closure on his part but now he kept on bugging me. Just this afternoon I discovered my phone drowned with missed calls and text messages. He only have one message and it was a question, “is there still a chance to be us?” 

I was so over all of this. I’d deleted his texts and don’t want to talk with him anymore. He had to break his month-long silence quite unnecessarily and make me start to think about him all over again. I had forgiven him. And am happy I have moved on, honestly.

Sometimes there is this desire in me to be in a serious relationship again. But I am mentally aware how it can ruin your sanity specially if you are deeply and madly in love. I am the type of girl who has a big heart for love. I am passionate. Dangerously passionate.

Now I realized there is an expiration on being in love to someone. As what the song says, I remember the boy but I don’t remember the feeling anymore.

Silly him. So silly.

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