Lazy afternoon and missing my workmates..

I am not in the mood of expressing through words so I am just sharing some personal pictures from my despedida swimming party. 😦


Saturday @ 01:00 pm. Venue: Caribbean resort. I looked so groggy becuase I had my last shift Friday night and I did not even had a single nap at all. Do you notice the cottage price tag? Our rent was only worth P300.00 and the fun was priceless.


 Of course, fun would not be complete without this 6 year old smarty boy. I shared this picture in plurk and everyone believed he was my son. I am just 22 so that means I was pregnant as early as 16!


Adrianne is always with us in every team buildings. He is very sweet and very smart.  When we had our team building in Gawahon, he gave me a friendship bracelet and told me that he wanted me to be his sister. I really love kids because of their innocence and sincerity. I don’t have a younger brother and perhaps one of the reasons why I became so attached to him.


And this woman is Adrianne’s real mom, Hapfy. Her unique name symbolizes her very unique personality. She is indeed always Happy! One secret that I am tempted to reveal is Hapfy is the childhood friend and classmate of my Civil Law professor, who happened to be my crush. Bad news though, he is married!


Chillaxing. 😎


A random picture I like. So dramatic.


Magielicious got pissed off. 😆


And the main purpose: swim, swim, swim. Weeeh!


I felt I needed a dozen of Alaxan after the swim but Adrianne still looks so energetic. He can stay in the water 6 straight hours!


Uwian na!

I am so vain today. Please bear with me for now. I just miss myself being with them. 😥

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  1. Baw ti. Daw hambalon ko gani bata ka pa nagbiniga sa plurk galing tam an ka public daw wala naman sa lugar diri ko na lang ginhambal. Kay jambal mo bata mo. Uy joke joke lang na ya ah. di man tuod. Mahambal pa ko tani, baw ara na ang two piece. ara gid man. Amu gid man ina kung bag o lang kamu nagbulaganay sang mga tawo nga you used to be with you. premiro lang na. dula man sobra mo ka miss sa ila magdugay. Just keep in touch with each other lang. I love children too. kinahanglan ko gid magtype permi sang online info ko kung wordpress ba.

    • Red,

      Ur so updated grabe I’m so impressed. Wala ko pa gani ginpublish post ko may comment ka na. Haha. THanks! Daw nalipay man ko ba dula pangasubo ko. 😉

      Two piece pero wala ko ginpakita ang whole body nga picture kay kahuluya. Haha. Kung bata ko tuod si Adrianne ah ti bata pa gid nagbiga eh. Haha.


  2. baw daw terno gid inyo friendship bond ba.

    • Red,

      Indi na siya friendship bond. Haha. Daw bracelet nga ginabutang kun magsulod ka sa resort to signify nga visitor ka. Daw sa hospital bala aw. Haha.

  3. You are beautiful.. Don’t forget your phone and pc to connect to them.. Thats why they are invented.. You’ll get by.. That’s life..

    • waha. Thanks laylane 😉

  4. I agree with laylane, you are beautiful and sexy. Your swimming party is a blast.Thanks for not forgetting me, dear.

    • Nakakahiya naman. But thanks. siyempre naman kaw pa! Welcome back Dennis! 😉

  5. baw daw lain na ya nga resort haw. lol. sa diin na? buti naman at open to the public na ang blog ni dennis. hehehe

    • sa Caribbean within the Goldenfield area lang na xa. di ba gusto mo kadto Goldenfield? haha. Huo nabanhaw na si Dennis. 🙂

  6. i love the dress! but i love you more! hehe. nami pa sa dress ni buninay ba! ha!ha!

    • Hi elyang!

      Hahaha kahuluya. Amo na siya ang dress nga ginmention ko sa imo kaisa ko lang usaron tapos wala na, sayang.

      See you later. Love you! Mwah. 😉

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