I love my Mom. I love Booksale. And of course, the Week-long Class Extension..

I am a law student. That is a fact. But, not really a normal student, precisely a struggling law student. Yes, I am.
At Robisons place. Candidly taken by a friend as I quickly skim through the pages.

At Robison's place. Candidly taken by a friend as I quickly skim through the pages.

Normal law students are voracious readers of law books, I am not. To be honest, I haven’t even been able to finish one law book. At all. So if you are one of those kind enough to read and follow my posts, please don’t expect that I will pass the bar examination on my first take. Or less expect that law school is just so easy for me because the truth, it is never that easy. Swear. (Please don’t ask me why I am here.) 🙂

Yesterday, I had to met friends for a delectable lunch and right after headed to the mall to see my previous workmates. I was so eager to spend my last happy-go-lucky-no-class-day since I was thinking classes will start today. But thanks to H1N1 virus, oopps sorry, again thanks to CHED for declaring classes extension until June 15! I thought today is the start of the brainstorming semester. Now I still have a week of good sleep and enough time to plurk. Thanks goodness!

It was a gorgeous Sunday. The whipped cream was I was able to have a new purchase at booksale. As I said in Plurk, not really new but second hand because it is from booksale. Either which, I love booksale for one significant reason, I can buy books I like at a very minimal amount. So it is like an ukay-ukay for clothing.

I am sure you want to know the title of the book and how much was it. It is a book by one of my favorates, Alice Walker, entitled In Search of Our Mothers’ Gardens. And the price was luxurious P 1,000 083.00 minus P 1,000 000.00  equals to 83.00 pesos! A lot cheaper compared to buying a brand new hardbound copy. I was also able to buy her book Meridian three months ago for only 90.00 pesos. Blast!

I don’t have an intention to brag about Alice Walker because I am merely just starting to read her books. I firmly believe that little knowledge is dangerous. All I know, she is a self-declared womanist and feminist like me as self-declared hopeless romantic. So we are both good in self declarations. 🙂  Seriously she has this very moving way of writing stories next to Paulo Coelho who is truly the love of my life. I am happy to say that Paulo Coelho is also a plurker and we are mutual friends. Amazing!

I am really fond of books. Surprisingly, not law books. I can’t say I am a book collector because I don’t even have bookshelves to keep them but perhaps just a reader, or would I say a skimmer. I love to receive books as a gift. I love to give books for a gift. And I love to lend books to people. That is the reason why I don’t have standing wooden bookshelves because they are all handed to reading and breathing bookshelves who are hungry of learning.

When I bought President Barack Obama’s Dreams from my Father, my intention was to give it to my father on his birthday. He is a wide reader. I am the kind of daughter who adores her father. This book was only at first one of those usual purchases until I stumbled on the hand-written letter on the first page. It reads:

To Mom:

With special thanks for your unending love and support. You have helped me so much through these last months. May it return to you threefold.

With love,

Your Julie

Dated: December 1985

This reminds me of my own mother. The letter was written a year before my birth, November 23, 1986, but it exactly tells what I wanna get off my chest. My mother who is the same with Alice Walker’s father; wonderful at math [but] a terrible farmer.  She is supposedly an agricultural engineer turned high school math teacher. 🙂

This past months my life had been through rough waves but she have always been loving and patient. I was on the merge of quitting law school but she is always there to support me. The greatest treasure I will never ever exchange with anything or anyone else. That is being so dearly loved by a mother.

Now this brought me back to my introduction.

Take two. Ready-go!

I am a law student. That is a fact. And I am seriously reading my law books to “make my momma proud” of me someday. Then probably, like what I said, I will make it to the bar on my first take. Why not? Goodluck. 🙂

Dream Big. Its for free.

Lovely week to all! 🙂

How simple a thing it seems to me that to know ourselves as we are, we must know our mothers names.” ~Alice Walker

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  1. yes!i really love my mother so much… my mother is my bestfriend, friend, idol, partner.. the best mother….

    • Bebs,

      Pareho ta gali. Thanks for visiting! Hope you will become a mother soon. 🙂

  2. wow. A law student! I haven’t had a nice experience with law students before. My professor who happened to be a law student at the time gave me quite a hard time in class. Another one shouted at me when we were filming a music video on a street. I asked him to choose another way since we were filming and he just shouted at me. haha.

    But you seem quite nice! I love books as well. Goodluck to you!

    • Too bad ganun impression mo sa kanila. Well bad for them. Nice naman talaga dapat eh. Thanks! 🙂

    • Too bad for them. Dapat nice sila sa lahat. Thanks! 🙂

  3. Yes you will pass the bar in one take and well be a lawyer. That’s the spirit Dream Big it’s free!! Goodluck to you! Always find ways to keep you inspired and motivated. Well you just did, thanks to your mom! 🙂

    • Homer,

      Thanks. Libreng mangarap. Tumpak! haha.

  4. You can make it nen! You are full of wit and I like the way you express yourself. Your momma must be very proud of you. My daughter is a book lover too.. if you’re an ice cream dinosaur, then my daughter with this post is just a worm.

    btw, how could you buy such price 1,000,083 less 1,000,000? thats already a luxury! 🙂

    • Thanks much for the inspiration nuts. I look up to you. Maswerte mga anak mo sayo. 🙂

  5. pwede mo ko ma godmother. lol. jk. I love books pero i have no time to read one. tsk tsk. Bili ako tas hindi ko matapos, pinapababasa ko lang sa officemate ko.

    • Oh idol! hehe. daw nami gid guro makareceive libro using ur designed gift wrappers mong. Wish ko lang. Haha. 🙂

  6. i used to read a lot of books but rarely novels. with the blog there, i cant have enough time for reading. but i think ill like the dreams from my father.

    • Dong,

      Dreams from my Father is the best! You shoud get one. 🙂

  7. i didn’t expect to pass the bar in my first try. i was not a voracious reader too but i really choose what to read. it is the quality and not the quantity of materials that counts. good luck.

    • Thnaks for the tip lawstude. I look up to you. Thanks!

  8. Hi! I rili wish I’ll have the time again to read books. What Ive been doing recently is just read the first and last chapters of those books I got interested with.

    Aint sure if it’s cheating or Im just using my time wisely (LOL!).

    • I’m still lucky because I still have time to really enjoy the books I buy. Sabi ni Redlan you are from BCD din. Can’t comment on your blog though you should open it for wordpress bloggers din. Thanks for visiting!

  9. same here, i’m a big booksale fan. last weekend, i bought anne tyler’s soft-cover book, “when we were grown-ups” for a princely sum of… 20 pesos. if God wills it that i come across a fortune, what i intend to do with my tithe portion is to clean up the booksale warehouse and give the books to kids and adults in far-flung areas 🙂

    • Wow, 20 pesos! The cheapest I bought was about 70 pesos. Swerte mo. Your plan is heroic. You have a very kind heart to that. I’ll pray that GOd will bless you fortune. Godbless! 🙂

  10. I’m addicted to books, the more when I married my boyfriend who is also a book-lover.

    I love my mother even though sometimes we don’t meet eye to eye. And nothing can beat the happiness I feel everytime I hear my 4 year old son say to me “Mama, I lab bo”.

    Good luck on your studies. If you can’t pass the Bar, chill! It’s not the end of the world!

    • Jei,

      Wow, I wanna marry a book lover too! And motherhood is the best gift of all. You are so blessed to have your family. Thanks!

  11. near sighted ka man gle?! sin o na di nahulat mo siiiiii ……….. lawyer? ang prof mo bala. joke

    • Huo nearsighted ko. Used to wear eyeglasses. Buang sino nga lawyer? hahaha. Daw gets ko na ina hehehe.

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