Wishful Thinking

“Just tell me what it is your heart desire ‘cos all I wanna do is take you home. ‘Cos I’m so in love with you.” I wish to hear these words from him.

…just another wishful thinking while reading my Law on Insurance book.

Don’t waste life, just spend it dreaming. 🙂

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Law on Property

The very first law school exam I took which I am not sure of all my answers. I didn’t even know what specific law or provision to cite. I thought I understood Property well, I liked the subject matter, liked the professor and last night I studied my ass off for the exam. I walked out feeling like I did not know anything but since all of us really had a nosebleeding I just thought it was fine. We all need Divine Intervention to pass.

Sheyt. Anusbleed to the max! I’d rather choose to become a drinker than a law student!

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I wish I could say I have rested and  relaxed because I am completely feeling otherwise. Lately I have been sad or depressed and I felt only a mother’s hug could make me happy. If only my mother is with me, for sure she would want me to have a good laugh, have good times, and of course dream. I’ve tried to not dwell too much on the missing part, because doing so inevitably makes me sad, but nevertheless I felt a need to write about my desire of being home.  

My mother is gorgeous. I have always been proud of her. I hope that I can some day learn to handle whatever life throws at me with the same level of grace and dignity that she always display. 

I can’t believe I am away from home for two years, and surprisingly I don’t have any planned schedule of going back. Earlier today, I sent some photographs and letter with the hope that it could somehow ease the feeling of apartness and melancholy.

I am currently consuming more time for my midterm exams and in love with old music like never before. Despite my busyness, still there is no place like home.

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