Less Bad Day

One of those days when I just felt yucky and I got nowhere to find something lovely. It reminds me of this video. Yes I’m a dork, oh yeah, forgot about that bad karma bit- filling up the good old H2O bottle right now and hopes this would totally make my day!

Life is good. 🙂

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And So I Hope It Begins

So after months of being lazy I finally was able to hand in my second but first serious application letter (first was only for formality for a call center job) to should I say one of the lawyers I really wanted to work with as a secretary and researcher. I had a positive response and hopefully I can get the job before November ends.

I am turning twenty three on the twenty third of November. I may sound presumptuous but I can feel that this will gonna be the best birthday of my life.

As to the reason why, I still can’t figure it out on my mind.

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Measuring Rod

What measures friendship and love and the things in between?

There seems no definite answer. There are things we consider ideal and not. Whatever path we follow, what matters is we follow the blissful.

I don’t think we should punish ourselves and feel miserable if we found ourselves not in lined with the ideal.  Life and yearnings have told me that whatever we believe is ideal may not be the home for us. Life is not always questions of what is right and wrong; oftentimes it is a question of what makes us happy.

I’d like to quote that the great high privilege, relief and comfort of friendship was that one that I had to explain nothing.

Things tend to even out. I have nothing to prove but someday, my life will be a testimony.

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