One of my favorite pastimes: jeepney ride

I just came from a very chaotic but healthy jeepney ride! Call me weird but I find jeepney ride healthy. It’s what keeps my sanity intact (if there’s any). I love it maybe because it gives me the feeling that I am moving, that I can think freely and change the world by just sitting there, or I can travel by just sitting there. I see the passengers like people come and go. That’s very common in each of our lives. People come, people go. So when you ride a jeepney, its like reality through your imaginative power. More than those I mentioned, it feels so refreshing. When I come out from a brainstorming class and I feel so heavy sometimes I just want to feel carefree and unburdened. And there goes my jeepney ride.

Life had been so tough for me. And I feel there’s a need for more pastimes! Well, that’s aside from feeding tilapia in the lagoon area, riding on a swinging seat on kids playground, eating ice cream like a kid, and playing the music out loud. And of course, going to a mall with only 100 peso bill to buy a less than 100 peso book from booksale. Yes, it shows, I’m the only law student in the world who have so many free time. Very scary. (laugh) 

Talking about books, lately I’ve been more interested with SHARK’s books but I can’t afford them. Law books don’t have drawings, same with other famous books. (I need some color and creativity!) Unluckily, every time I visit Booksale I can’t find any of them. I’m done with Alice Walker. I’ve collected all of her books and they’re so easy to be seen in Booksale. Alice Walker is great, she remains one of my favorites. But since she’s so deep and heavy and I could never be as good as her, now I find SHARK more appealing to me. I think Walker’s “A Way Forward is With a Broken Heart” is heavier than Shark’s “Eat Mangoes Naked.” It’s easier to eat mangoes naked than moving forward with a broken heart! What do you think? It’s also one  great idea for a pastime. Besides, I haven’t eaten mangoes for a while. Hmmmmnn. Interesting.

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Back for Good

So here I am, hopefully back for good. After my Dad being diagnosed of cancer and passed away on April 2 (good Friday) and being cremated April 9 (his birthday), I guess there is nothing more to say than I am moving on.

Guess, am back with the call center job and it sucks.

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I sit alone in one of the lonely chairs in a hotel with a question: have I already done the most regretful decision in my life or its still about to come?

Answering this makes me think of questioning myself if I ever believe in regrets in the first place.

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