Less Bad Day

One of those days when I just felt yucky and I got nowhere to find something lovely. It reminds me of this video. Yes I’m a dork, oh yeah, forgot about that bad karma bit- filling up the good old H2O bottle right now and hopes this would totally make my day!

Life is good. 🙂

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And So I Hope It Begins

So after months of being lazy I finally was able to hand in my second but first serious application letter (first was only for formality for a call center job) to should I say one of the lawyers I really wanted to work with as a secretary and researcher. I had a positive response and hopefully I can get the job before November ends.

I am turning twenty three on the twenty third of November. I may sound presumptuous but I can feel that this will gonna be the best birthday of my life.

As to the reason why, I still can’t figure it out on my mind.

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I Can’t Exactly Remember What Had Happened Lately

So I was not blogging, not on facebook that often, which all means I wasn’t hibernating in front of the computer lately. Uhm not that much, I mean.

August flew by so fast that I really don’t quite know where the entire month went. First week of September is not so memorable except that I had a lot of  fun of not being on a computer and those include and are not limited to drinking and spending quality time with my pretty and gorgeous classmates. Somehow now that I am really a full time student I have learned to be lax about it by not even bothering to read a page of a book. So how did I went? That is the easiest question to answer and I wish was asked in one of those brainstorming midterm exams because I only have one final answer that is: I went crazier and lazier than ever. 

Lately, I’ve had no less than 10 nightmares dreams that I remember every night. This is particularly odd for me in that I very rarely (almost never) dream, and I guess if I do, I never remember them by the time I wake up. I think this is one of the weird product of being a full time student, having all the time in the world enough to have sleeping adventures.

My task was to finish up my job application materials but it turned out to be a dream because I had not started anything.

Sorry for the somewhat boring blog post, life lately has been somewhat uneventful. The most exciting thing that August has brought is I realized that despite all the troubles that I accumulated from always having fun, still, I have happiness from within.

Wishing you all the same happiness also. 🙂